Small 11 x 11 inch signed limited edition print: 'Atlantic no Kioku'

Atlantic no Kioku 24 x 24 print.jpg
Atlantic no Kioku 24 x 24 print.jpg

Small 11 x 11 inch signed limited edition print: 'Atlantic no Kioku'

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  • Signed and editioned by artist
  • Limited edition quantity: 25
  • Image size is 9 x 9 inches, paper size is 11 x 11 inches
  • Printed December 2016 on Epson Hot Press paper 300lb
  • Original painting unavailable, sold

This is a limited edition, archival giclée print of the original painting titled ‘Atlantic no Kioku’ by FILIZ emma SOYAK. This is one of only 25 printed in a limited edition and is hand-signed, titled, and editioned by FILIZ. No more prints will be made once this limited edition sells out.

Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and description of the artwork. Printed on 100% cotton, acid free paper using archival pigment inks, a giclée print is made to last over 200 years. For the longest life space, frame under UV protected glass and keep out of direct sunlight.

About the Artwork:

The original painting, Atlantic no Kioku, is 48” x 48” and is still available. It is part of the ‘Passages’ collection, which explores the contrasts and overlaps of tangible and visceral experiences and memories I gathered after spending time living in two culturally rich and equally contrasting parts of the world: the Middle East and the Caribbean. This piece was part of Filiz’s 2011 solo show, Passages, installed at Giacobetti Paul Gallery, in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

Kioku means 'remembrance, memory, recollection' in Japanese, and Atlantic (as you may have suspected) refers to that beautiful magnificent ocean dividing the Americas and Europe and Africa. After living in Jordan’s dry, hot, desert climate for a year, I moved to Barbados in 2009 - a warm, tropical island in the Caribbean. I went from living in a deep and ancient culture, surrounded by clay, sand, and cave paintings, to an island covered in sugar cane, a former British colony, built upon coral and limestone, and surrounded by water. One culture was conservative in many ways, richly complex and poetic...the other was in some ways more laid back and easy going, as one typically associates with the Caribbean, yet its wounds of slavery were still palpable and raw.

At the most basic level, I went from gazing at the horizon of the desert to gazing at the horizon of the ocean. From my new job perched on a hill on the Easternmost part of Barbados, I got to look at and contemplate the grand expanse of the Atlantic every day. I could see and feel storms coming half an hour before they arrived. As I adapted from one place to another, which I initially believed to be so vastly different, I began to recognize the commonalities and similarly deep struggles and celebrations each country had earned as part of its identity. Simultaneously, there was turbulence and transition happening in my personal life, adding yet another lens to my experience.

Over time, and after moving to New York City in 2010, the landscapes of the tropics and desert merged, the patterns and layers of human behavior that appear across cultures and time overlapped, and my memories and stories abstracted into layers of symbols, textures and colors.

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  2. For $150, you receive an editioned and signed limited edition print and 15 greeting cards.
  3. For $200, you receive an editioned and signed limited edition print, 15 greeting cards, and an original sketch by FILIZ. Collectors selecting this option will receive one of the first 5 editioned prints, thus this option is available to five collectors only.

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About Giclée Prints and Limited Editions:

A giclée print (pronounced ge-KLAY), or museum-quality print, is a high resolution digital reproduction of an original artwork. The process uses fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates (surfaces/paper) to print on large format printers. A giclée offers the highest degree of accuracy and richness of color available to the artist, and to you, the collector. Under safe conditions, prints will last for over 200 years.


The print is packaged with care with acid-free glassine paper in an acid-free polypropylene plastic sleeve and bubble wrap. It is then shipped flat in protective cardboard with USPS Priority 2-day Mail (tracking and insurance included) for $20 within the United States. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. For all international orders, please contact directly to calculate shipping costs.